probing biology with in silico tools:
a one-day meeting on methods and applications
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
University of Manchester
131 Princess Street
Manchester, M1 7DN, UK
Thursday, 13th September 2012

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This one-day meeting focuses on computational molecular design, as it is used to probe, analyse and manipulate the intricate systems of biology, at the level of protein, cell or organism. Specifically, the meeting aims to explore small-molecule control of biological function and methods for prediction of biologically active ligands, using technologies such as molecular simulation, virtual screening and chemoinformatics.

This meeting is organised by Dr Richard Bryce (Pharmacy, Manchester) and Dr Neil Burton (Chemistry, Manchester) on behalf of the MGMS, and with the support of the Manchester Chemical Biology Network. The meeting organisers would like to thank all its sponsors for their generosity.

For more information about the meeting, please contact Sarah Bellis