probing biology with in silico tools:
a one-day meeting on methods and applications
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
University of Manchester
131 Princess Street
Manchester, M1 7DN, UK
Thursday, 13th September 2012

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The meeting will take place from 9.30am to 4.30pm on Thursday 13th September 2012 and includes a poster session and lunch. The detailed schedule is provided below:

1000-1005 Richard Bryce (Manchester) welcome
1005-1050 Rob Woods (Georgia/NUI Galway) "Computational screening of the human glycome: predicting carbohydrate binding specificity"
1050-1120 Grant Churchill (Oxford) "Finding chemical tools from biological messengers with virtual screening"
1120-1150 Malcolm Walkinshaw (Edinburgh) "Allosteric inhibitors of the glycolytic pathway"
1150-1220 Bohdan Waszkowycz (Manchester) "Hit identification for novel oncology targets - integrating computational and experimental strategies."
1220-1335 LUNCH / POSTERS
1335-1405 Andreas Bender (Cambridge) "Computational approaches to mode-of-action analysis and polypharmacology"
1405-1435 Mike Mazanetz (Evotec) "Intelligent design: cheminformatics extensions for KNIME"
1435-1505 COFFEE / POSTERS
1505-1550 Amedeo Caflisch (Zurich) "Library screening by fragment-based docking"
1550-1620 Ian Gould (Imperial) "MULES (Mutational Locally Enhanced Sampling) a new method for quantitative prediction of relative binding free energies"
1620-1630 Richard Bryce/Neil Burton (Manchester)closing remarks