Connecting Structure to Function:

from calculation to experiment and back again

A meeting in recognition of Andy (J.G.) Vinter

Downing College, Cambridge, UK.
September 19th - 21st, 2011.

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The relationship between structure and function is central to understanding molecular behaviour and reactivity, whether at the small molecule or macromolecular assembly scale. It is an area where the development of models, based on experimental data, can generate important insights and hypotheses for further testing. This meeting, held in honour of the career and contribution of Andy Vinter, will focus on the synergy between computational chemistry and experimental approaches. Lively debate and discussion will be encouraged.
The organisers would like to thank the sponsors of this meeting, without whose generosity, it would not have been possible. We would also like to highlight the availability of 3 student bursaries, kindly provided by LHASA and covering registration, accommodation and assistance with travel costs. More details are available on the registration tab.