Welcome to the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS) website.

The Society was formed in 1981 to bring together scientists working in different fields of study (such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and computer science) who have a common interest in molecular modelling and graphics.

The MGMS is a charity run by volunteers from both academia, non-profits, and industry who also have a keen interest in the subject. The Society’s core activities involve the organising of conferences relevant to its community, as well as developing and encouraging scientists at the start of their careers. Anyone with an interest in the field can join, and members receive discounts on conferences and courses that are organised by the Society.


The MGMS organises around 3-6 meetings per year. They can range from one-day meetings on a specific topic, to multi-day international conferences on a broader subject, such as “Biomolecular Simulations.” Our community has a broad range of interests in the field of molecular simulations and graphics, including the modelling of biological systems, graphical representations of molecules, bio- and chemoinformatics, small molecule modelling, method developments, as well an interest in new computer architecture development.


The MGMS supports scientists at the start of the career through a number of initiatives. The Young Modellers’ Forum (YMF) is a popular and free one-day conference which runs towards the end of each year, and provides the opportunity for research students to present their work — either as a talk or a poster — to audiences with an interest in the field. The MGMS also sponsors events organised by other societies, providing the organisers with a number of student bursaries, thereby enabling students to attend the conference.


The MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize was set-up to commemorate our 25th anniversary, and was renamed the MGMS Frank Blaney Award in 2018 to honor one of the founders of the MGMS. It recognises a post-doctoral scientist who in only a few years has demonstrated significant scientific impact in the field of molecular graphics and modeling.


In conjunction with Elsevier, the MGMS publishes the Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling. The journal is published 8 times a year and is devoted to high quality practical and theoretical papers on the use of computers for the investigation of molecular structure, function and interaction.

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