The MGMS Early Career Workshop Initiative

Modelling Photoinduced Processes in Molecular Systems – a 2-day workshop sponsored by the MGMS Early-Career Workshop initiative in 2020 (more information available here)

The MGMS is pleased to announce a call for applications to the MGMS Early Career Workshop Initiative. Applicants are invited for proposals for on-line or in-person workshops or meetings on a topic that is broadly in line with the MGMS’s overall scientific remit, please see website for details of previous meetings for a rough guide. During coronavirus pandemic we encourage virtual initiatives, but when possible, in-person events can be planned (please refer to the UK government guidance). Applicants should complete the brief application form and a proposed budget. For a one-day virtual workshop, the budget is anticipated to be up to £300, and for one-day in-person event it can be between £1,000-£2,500. Anyone interested in organising a virtual conference or meeting with the MGMS could use MGMS zoom account. Proposals outside this range will be considered as well.

Applications should come from student groups or early career (within 5 years of their PhD award) researchers in either academia or industry.

Applications should be emailed to the MGMS secretary ( There is rolling six-month deadline for applications, 31st March, and 30th September, after which date all submitted proposals will be considered. Applications will be notified of the outcome within 2 weeks.

Download application form now!