Past Meetings

Postponed MGMS Meetings

Computational Drug Design: A Tribute to Frank Blaney

17-19 June 2020, Riddel Hall, University of Belfast, U.K.

MGMS Meetings 2020/2021

MGMS at 40 virtual meeting

24th September 2021, online event

Being #CompChemURG: How Diversity Enriches Us

4th June 2021, online event

Young Modellers’ Forum 2020/21

12 February 2021, online event

MGMS Lecture Tour, Prof. Rebecca Wade, 2020

24th November 2020, online event

MGMS Meetings 2019

Young Modellers’ Forum 2019

University of Greenwich, London, 29th November 2019.

7th Annual CCPBioSim Conference – Frontiers in Biomolecular Simulation

University of Bristol, U.K., 4-6 September, 2019. Organized by CCPBioSim and the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society.

Eighth Joint Sheffield Conference on Chemoinformatics

University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K., 17-19 June 2019. Organized by the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society and the Chemical Structure Association Trust.

Big Ideas for Big Data

UCL School of Pharmacy, London, U.K. 12 April, 2019.

Modelling Photoinduced Processes in Molecular Systems

Molecular Sciences Research Hub, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, U.K., 6-7 February, 2019. Organized as part of the MGMS Early-Career Workshop Initiative by Javier Segarra Marti and Lara Martinez.

MGMS Lecture Tour by Dr David Glowacki

MGMS Meetings 2018

Young Modellers’ Forum 2018

University of Greenwich, London, 30th November 2018.

Discrete Models and Formal Verification in Biology

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, 29th-31st August 2018.

MGMS Meetings 2017

Young Modellers’ Forum 2017

University of Greenwich, London, 24th November 2017.

YMF2017 was held at the University of Greenwich in London.

MGMS Meetings 2016

MGMS Meetings 2015

MGMS Meetings 2014

MGMS Meetings 2013

MGMS Meetings 2012

MGMS Meetings 2011

How to Organise an MGMS Meeting

Guidelines for MGMS Meetings Organisers are available (in PDF format).

Anyone interested in organising a virtual conference or meeting with the MGMS could use MGMS zoom account.